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On this page you can find the Sony's PSP homebrew tutorials.

Android Games

Hi folks, just a small message. We have started a Game Company called ReIndustries. We make Android Games. Please check us out at www.reindustries.com

Play Store link: link
Block Hopping
Genre: Puzzle game
Platform: Android
Programming language: Java
Play Store link: link
Boxy 3
Genre: Puzzle Arcade game
Platform: Android
Programming language: Java
Play Store link: link
Genre: Puzzle word game
Platform: Android
Programming language: Java
Castles Under Siege
Genre: Action, Arcade Cardgame
Platform: Android
Programming language: Java

Hi everybody,

When I created Boxy 2, Elementals (still in progress) and Raze (also still in progress) I sometimes came across some problems. These were related to all sorts of fields like music, graphics both 2D and 3D, fonts, just some optimizations etc. and well I saw that a lot of people were having the same problems. Since I have solved a lot of the general questions with a lot of help from the PSP programming Guru's, as I like to call them, I thought I should do something back to the community. I decided to put my knowledge into a series of tutorials. Please keep in mind that I am not a Guru! If you have any comments on the tutorials like, language improvements, code optimizations or other comments, please fill in the form at the bottom of the tutorial to let me know. Also these tutorials are not the ONLY way to code games for the PSP and not made to a specific genre of games. You still need your own imagination to combine the learned stuff here into a nice game.

Due to some questions I have added links to information how to setup cygwin and visual studio to write games for the PSP the same as my own setup.

Please do NOT copy these tutorial and use them as if they are your own.

Enjoy the tutorials and I hope that they are helpfull.

Android Tutorials

PSP Tutorials


The 3D tutorials (C++):

The Special FX tutorials:

The optimization tutorials:

  • Tutorial Optimization part I: The basics
  • Tutorial Optimization part II: A step further
  • Tutorial Optimization part III: Some bizar tips
  • Tutorial Optimization part IV: Using the VFPU
  • Tutorial Optimization part V: Graphics
  • Tutorial Optimization part VI: Design Patterns
The Miscellaneous tutorials:

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